Selection Process

Inspector General - California High-Speed Rail Authority (2023)

The Joint Legislative Audit Committee is tasked with nominating three qualified candidates to be the first independent Inspector General for the California High-Speed Rail Authority. From the list of three candidates, the Governor will select the Inspector General.

All applicants should submit a resume and Statement of Qualifications to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee at or 1020 N Street, Room 107, Sacramento, CA 95814. Additionally, persons interested in nominating a qualified candidate should use the below provided form. 

Below please find available resources and information:

Please note that additional forms and materials (e.g., application forms, authorizations, and waivers) may be requested or required. The Joint Legislative Audit Committee is available at (916) 319-3300 to answer any questions.

California State Auditor - Selection Process (2022)
The Joint Legislative Audit Committee nominated three qualified individuals to the Governor on August 10, 2022.  You can find the Committee's letter to the Governor here.

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