California State Auditor – Applicant Information


With the current State Auditor’s four-year term expiring in January 2022, the Joint Legislative Audit Committee is tasked with nominating three qualified candidates.  From the list of three candidates, the Governor will select the State Auditor.  To facilitate this process, the Joint Legislative Audit Committee is seeking qualified candidates, who should submit a resume and Statement of Qualifications to Wesley Opp, Chief Consultant, at or 1020 N Street, Room 107, Sacramento, CA 95814.  Alternatively, as provided in the Government Code, anyone may nominate a qualified candidate using the below provided form. 

Below please find available resources and information:

Please note that additional forms and materials (e.g., application forms, authorizations and waivers) may be requested or required.  The Joint Legislative Audit Committee is available at (916) 319-3300 to answer any questions. 

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